We have the honor to introduce our selves as burners manufacturer supporting all kinds of heating systems for industrial agricultural and domestic purposes in Syria.

Zein company established  and stated in 1990.

Our establishment has many activities in different sectors of Central Heating Systems. We mainly produce Light oil, Heavy oil, Dual Fuel and Natural gas Burners, which are designed to cover all needs of Industrial , Agricultural, and house applications, covering a comprehensive range of capacities from 15 to 4150 kW.

Zein burner design is new, and so is its technology, that makes it even more efficient and reliable.


High efficiency and excellent burning values are reached by the use of precision combustion heads and exact air regulation. The self-closing air flap of Zein burner is closed during the periods of inactivity, stopping the air flow and allowing the boiler to maintain its high temperature for a long time.

After-sale services

We have well trained engineering team supporting after-sale services for our burners.

Supporting special-needs

We provide at the same time technical consulting services through our highly skilled technicians who are experts in designing and supporting special-needs of industrial burners.

Secure operation

Only European high quality components have been used in Zein burner. The burner has been designed, manufactured and tested to meet rigorous European standards, in order to guarantee its quality.

Every single burner is factory tested before delivery, providing our customers high quality guarantee.

Modern design

Together with the boiler, Zein burner forms combination with style. With its protective cover, it is also easy to keep clean.

User oriented technology

·      Because the frame opens on its hinges, the cleaning of the nozzle and the burner head is quickly and easily done.

·      Normal annual maintenance is possible without opening the protective covers.

·      Electrical components with plug and socket connectors.

·      Precise and easy air regulation.